22 September 2010

NATURE: Old-School / New-School

. . . .Among the Sierra Nevada - Albert Bierstadt, 1868. . .
     Ever since the publication of Machiavelli’s Prince in the sixteenth century, modern society has been predicated on a technological war against nature in order to increase man’s dominion and power. Nature was no longer a lady to be wooed (as she had been for the Greeks, Romans, and medieval Christians); she was now to be raped, beaten into submission through evermore impressive technological advances that would render mankind, in Freud’s chilling words , “a prosthetic god.”

While there were some strong reactions against this new attitude, the modern hostility to the God-given only expanded as time went on, growing from a war on nature to a war on human nature. Our current preoccupations with genetic engineering, sex “changes,” and same-sex “marriage”- all of which are attempts to redefine or reconfigure the natural – are examples of this ongoing escalation.

16 September 2010

Men vs. Women: Accepting Reality

- by Dr. Anne W. Carroll
First of all, biological differences, far from being insignificant, are crucial to an understanding of men and women. Men tend to be larger than women. On average they have more muscle as a percentage of total body weight than fat, more upper body strength, and larger hearts. Women, on the other hand, are better protected against viruses and bacteria, and – during child-bearing years – less subject to heart disease and heart attack. A woman’s physical advantages help her to bear and nurture and care for her children; a man’s help him to protect and provide for his family.

There are also emotional and intellectual differences between the average man and the average woman. Men are more rule-bound, less sensitive to changes in situations, more single-minded, less narrowly focused, more persevering, more mathematical, more aggressive. Women are more sensitive to touch, odor and sound, have better fine motor coordination and finger dexterity, are more sensitive to context, are better at picking up peripheral information and reading the emotional content of faces, process information faster, can draw conclusions more quickly on the basis of less evidence (so-called “women’s intuition”), are more verbally oriented.